Affiliate Terms

All affiliate payouts will begin after the refund period has passed and all refunds (clawbacks) have been processed; approximately 30 days after the cart closes. Please be aware that it may take up to a week for all payments to go through.

There are two important steps you MUST take in order to receive your commission.

STEP ONE: Confirm your paypal address

We will be paying you via paypal. You should have shared your paypal address with us when you signed up to become an affiliate. If you need to change or add in your paypal address to your affiliate profile, please do so BEFORE AUGUST 1st.

STEP TWO: Complete Your W9

In order for us to send you your commissions we need you to fill out a W9 (or W8BEN for our international affiliates). You will be receiving an email from our team with instructions on how to submit your tax forms. All Affiliates must sign these documents.