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Healing my past wounds with Belinda's course has been nothing short of life changing! Until I did her course, I had no idea how much I was being weighed down. Her shadow work not only healed and released me from pain and fear, it also healed my family, as they were also being negatively influenced and weighed down.


Belinda’s shadow working course is truly the most powerful work I’ve ever undertaken. I’m eternally grateful to her for it.

Monica Griffin

Belinda has helped me realise that by shining light on my SHADOWS I can heal them and transform my life. Her teachings have helped me dissolve many of my deeply rooted fears that have stopped me from living to my greatest potential. In sum - she’s shown me how to shine!


I'm now able to rise up as the powerful being that I am and use my abilities to heal myself and support the healing of others through my work. Thank you Belinda!

Danni Belvedere

There is a new breed of mystic and lightworking rising:

The shadow working, shadow hunting type. Her terrain is the shadowlands, the underworld and the darker realms.

She is ‘at home’ amongst the thick of the forest trees, the dark of the new moon, the crashing waves of the night sea and the shadows and creaks and groans of the witching hour.

She is a dark worker - a shadow worker. But she serves the light.

She works in the shadows for the light.




What it is?

  • An 8- week audio program of intensive training in shadow hunting and shadow working.
  • A revolutionary journey of self-healing, power and purpose.
  • Classes begin August 14th!
    • You will learn how to...

      • Heal your shadow and embrace the light
      • Heal your pain
      • Heal your spiritual shame
      • Practice the dark arts for Lightworkers
      • Rise up as a powerful (shadow hunting) emissary of the light.
Never felt like a lightworker?
Perhaps you're not!
Perhaps you're a Shadow-Worker.

Why I created this program for you

Because I was a misfit in the spiritual community. And because I was often told I wasn’t spiritual and enough like a lightworker. I wasn’t light-hearted or chatty or ‘sparkly’. I didn’t do affirmations; I didn’t vibe with angels or crystals; I wasn’t into talking about love and being positive and I didn’t read self-help books. (I read Anne Rice and Stephen King). I was too intense - I asked too many questions and instead of wanting to talk about the light I wanted to talk about the dark.

For many years, I lived with the spiritual shame that there was something wrong with me because I was drawn much more to the dark than to the light. Until I finally understood (and embraced it) that I was a shadow hunter. Until I finally understood that, in fact, I was a lightworker.

I was just a different type of lightworker - the shadow hunting and shadow working type… And then I realised there were many of us, many of us living with lightworker and spiritual shame. Many of us that felt displaced although we know we are also here to serve the light.

I’m Belinda, and I’m a shadow working lightworker and mystic. And knowing this about myself - as well as learning about shadow hunting, the shadow work, the dark arts and healing - has healed my life. And I hope it will heal yours.

For me, the most powerful part of her shadow working course was learning about ghosts. Before Belinda, I was scared of ghosts. They were something to be afraid of and avoided - but that’s because I didn’t understand them. I didn’t understand they were PEOPLE that were trapped on the earth plane; people that needed our help and assistance.


As soon as I understood what they were and how I could help, my fear dissolved and now I work in the shadow, for the light by helping ghosts. This practice is so incredibly rewarding!

Michele Hayres

Belinda’s teachings are powerful. She has changed my life.


Through her teachings, I’ve learnt how to ‘see’ my own shadow and transmute it into light. She’s also shown me how to be a powerful healer and mystic. This has resulted in huge shifts in my life… Huge, huge shifts…


Belinda’s message is important: She teaches us to heal our shadows so that we can embrace the light. If you don’t face your fear, you can’t rise up.

Aram Charcut

Belinda’s teachings have helped me to identify, release and heal my shadows so that I’m able to draw light into them and bring all of my rejected and disowned parts into wholeness… This had helped me embrace my authentic self and honour my true gifts.


In addition, Belinda’s powerful teachings have helped me to work through my fears, insecurities and embedded shame from past experiences so that I live a life of joy and fulfilment.


I cannot recommend Belinda highly enough! She is one of a few teachers who truly understands that to be a beacon of light, you must first break through your shadows.

Caitlin Stayt

Belinda’s teachings have helped me conquer my ego and fears and allowed me to be in alignment with my true self and my true path. This brings ease, peace and flow to my life that I have never experienced before.


Without the shadow work that Belinda imparts, I would have been hindered in my capacity to reach my full potential and live my soul’s truth. I feel incredibly blessed to have worked through the ‘dark’ to be able to step back into the light.


This is how Belinda’s work is unique and original: She gets you to ‘hunt out’ your shadow, and she encourages you to let the shadow ‘hunt out’ you. If you are looking to up-level, are ready to confront your shadows and become a powerful healer and shadow worker, then I cannot recommend this course enough. It’s mind-blowing.

Sarah Cox

Do you want to?

  • Overcome your fears
  • Heal your shame and regret
  • Become a spiritual warrior
  • Embrace your dark and wild side
  • Develop your modern mystic and lightworking talents
  • Become a powerful healer

In this course you will get:

  • Eight weeks of intensive training in shadow working
  • Weekly lectures and seminars
  • Live Q&A time with Belinda
  • Energy healing sessions with Belinda
  • Facebook group time with Belinda
Enrolment ends August 12th, and we won't offer this course for another 6 months!
Into the Shadows for the Light

This 8-week intensive program consists of eight Modules of in-depth training in shadow hunting and shadow working.

You’ll learn how to overcome your fears, heal your shame, embrace your wild and dark side and become a Shadow Hunter; the new breed of mystic and lightworker.

Shadow workers: The new breed of mystic & lightworker
Shadow working versus light working
Healing our past wounds & Past Life Persecutions
Overcoming spiritual shame, guilt & regret
The dark realms versus the light realms
Ghost Whispering, Ghost Activism & Aiding the Lower Realms
Learning the dark arts for lightworkers
How Lightworkers are Being 'Turned' and are Rising as Dark Workers
Never felt like a lightworker? Perhaps you're not. Perhaps you're a shadow worker.

Every modern mystic and lightworker is also a shadow worker. Every healer and energy worker and intuitive is also a shadow hunter.

Even if you ‘feel’ like a lightworker, you need to know how to heal your shadow, because shadow working is the way to the light.

I created this course to show you how to deep dive into the depths of your fears and pain and persecutions and resurface, brave, courageous and luminous.

I created this course to show you how to become a powerful mystic, healer and lightworker; how to heal your shadow and embrace the light.

For you can only shine your light if you know how to dance with the dark.

Enrolment ends on August 12th and we won't offer this course for another 6 months!

Belinda's training allows you to fully embrace your shadows; that dark part of you that keeps coming up (and that you keep avoiding) that sabotages your happiness and success.


For many years I avoided my shadow, until Belinda gave me the necessary tools to face my shadow, understand it, overcome it and step into the light.


I am deeply grateful to Belinda for her shadow hunting and shadow working teachings, as they have been a huge part of my healing journey. Thank you, Belinda!

Jenni Finney

Belinda’s teachings have opened up a whole new level of understanding and healing for me, and through her I’ve become more and more aware of the importance of healing my shadow. She has shown me that healing the shadow is crucial. That one must face the shadow to step into the light.


Belinda’s teachings empower me to step out of my ego and look at my life through different eyes and with a different heart. Because of this, I now feel much more compassion for others and a stronger connection to Mother Earth.


I’m excited to be finding my way as a shadow hunter and lightworker.

Stacey English

I love Belinda’s work about ghost whispering and ghost activism. I used to be completely freaked out by the shadows and ghosts and the idea of lower and darker realms, but she has helped me see all of this in a new light!


Belinda teaches so passionately about her work with ghosts. She’s such a passionate and dedicated teacher and healer. And thanks to her, I now have a deep understanding (as well as compassion) for our earth-bound friends (ghosts). I love how Belinda is fearless about talking about the dark! I love how she truth-busts! I love how she gets in there and helps you see and overcome your fears so that you can rise up and become powerful.


Thank you, Belinda, for everything you do.

Rachel Williamson

Through Belinda's teachings, I’ve healed my past. Not only of my childhood, but also of my past lives. Belinda showed me how to release my (past) fears and persecutions from my energy-field and chakras and open myself up to the new and improved. This changed my life.


Belinda has also taught me how to go deeper and deeper into myself to heal. How to go deep into the shadow and heal…. This isn’t only important. This is what aligns you with the Light.


Thank you Belinda for sharing your teachings with us. You’re changing the world.

Karina Symonds

Working with Belinda has changed my life forever. I never fully resonated with being a 'lightworker' as I knew and kind of liked my dark powers. But Belinda opened the way for me to give myself permission to love this side of me.


From here, the world opened up to me! I learned how to shadow work and shadow hunt; and I learnt how to help ghosts find the light and cross over.


This has become such a joy in my life. I learned how to embrace my light work as well as my shadow work, learning that it doesn't have to be either one or the other. I am now fully engaged in my role as a shadow worker, transmuting shadow to light on earth.

Leanne MacKenzie

Belinda has helped me radically shift (and change) the way I ‘help’ myself and others. Because of her work, I now know how to support others (as a life coach and intuitive) and not take on their energy or problems.


She has also helped me overcome my ego and face some of my deepest fears; all of this done in the most supportive and loving way possible.


I’m blessed to have Belinda’s light and teachings in my life. It’s made me a much better person.

Steph Whyte

Belinda's training has not only helped me acknowledge and embrace my gifts as a Lightworker (and as a Shadow Worker), it has given me the confidence to trust and allow, and therefore, serve on this path wholeheartedly. Because of Belinda, my life has grown in so many ways that I could have never foreseen!


With the light, comes shadows. And the more ‘light’, the greater the shadows that come up for acceptance and healing. And when the shadow comes up, and when you’re able to work with it, to accept and heal it, the deeper your experience of joy, fulfillment and power!


This is what Belinda has taught me. How to work WITH the shadow to deepen my experience of power and purpose. I’m eternally grateful for these teachings and for the true gift that Belinda is to this earth!

Minnesha Yasmin

Belinda Davidson’s teachings are authentic, and based on her actual experience, rather than learned from others or books. That’s what makes her training real, effective and absolutely life changing.


Although I had been living a spiritual life as a lightworker, two years on from my recovery from breast cancer, I was still floundering, uncertain and a long way from living the life of my dreams. But then along came Belinda and with her special way of shadow working (and light working), she helped me heal my shadow.


The way she has taught me to heal my shadows through immersion and acceptance has been empowering and ground breaking for me.


If you are a lightworker, (and drawn to shadow work of any type), I can ONLY recommend Belinda Davidson’s new Shadow Hunter’s course. It WILL change your world!

Bonnie Cassen