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Level 2

The journey into the white - discovering your soul's purpose

Module 1: The Shaman's Cave


Recommended time on the Introduction section – 2 weeks.

  • Revision of Level 1: Chakra Work, White Light Work, Mindfulness.
  • Practise journeying into ‘the White’ using the Soul Essence Journey Meditation.
  • Practise accessing the vibration of Chakra 8.


Meditation – You will now add your Level 2 journey vibration to your regular meditation practice.

Visualisation – Listen to each tutorial several times and make detailed notes about what is explained and recommended.

Journal – Keep a journal or log-book of this journey.

Intuition – You need to learn to trust your intuition on this journey. This entire journey requires your intuition, as you can’t access the next journey level, experience it or follow its natural course, if you don’t trust your intuition.

Module 1: The Shadow Work Journey

Recommended time on Module 1 – three months.


The Steps:

  • Do white light + chakra work every day; don’t journey with Shaman every day.
  • Begin from your garden.
  • Turn to your right, and visualise a path.
  • Follow the path, and as you walk along it will become misty.
  • Meet the Shaman on the path.
  • Follow the Shaman through a door into the cave.
  • Stand with the Shaman in the middle of the twelve spiritual directions.
  • Step onto the line you currently find yourself on with the Shaman, starting at line 1 and then sinking into the line.
  • Journal your experiences.


Module 2: Temple 1Module 3: Temple 2Module 4: The Underworld Journey

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