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Level 2

The journey into the white - discovering your soul's purpose

Module 2: Temple 1

Module 2: Temple 1 Journey

Recommended time on Module 2 – three months.


The Steps:

  • Walk from the Shaman’s cave back down the path to the garden. (one time only)
  • Begin in the garden.
  • Visualise 22 stairs leading up from the garden.
  • Consciously start to climb the 22 stairs, counting as you go.
  • Stop the meditation on the stair that you can reach.
  • Once you have assimilated the vibration enough and can climb the 22 stairs, take time to observe your Temple 1.
  • Enter the Temple, leaving ‘ego’ cloak at the door.
  • Go to the middle of the room, sit, wait and observe.
  • Journal your experiences of collected impressions.


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